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April 11, 2013
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The Journey II

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 11, 2013, 7:20 PM
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Please consider giving it a :+fav: or comment so that more people can see these amazing works! 

I listened to this while making the feature: (yes, yes, I know, I'm a sucker for soundtracks)

March's Embrace by Nelleke
A New Millennium by Thinking-Silence Fall Freshness by tvurk
Remembering El Greco.. by AlexGutkin
Brougham Hall Church by richsabre Melting by m-eralp 
Winter Sunset by MaximeCourty
Ad Libitum III by Oer-Wout Spring Creeps in to The Forest by Stuzal
The Storm and the Stars by andyhutchinson
Air Melody by A2Matos Before The Nightfall by MaximeDaviron sky cage by DayanElohim
Enchanted by m-eralp
Shimmer by jaelise December Sunset by Blue-BirdPhotography
The best days by ildiko-neer
The moon. by 7Redhotz Zumaia II by sensorfleck Tracks by MikkoLagerstedt
R:.A:.Y:.S:. by MK-NI
The Towers from Torres del Paine by porbital  Sunrise Over Lake Ladora by kkart
When The Moon Shines by torivarn
 Eindeloos by Oer-Wout
Sun Explosion I by ThoughtMemory
Golden Dream by John-Peter Eye falls by AlexGutkin
Purple by AndyMumford
Alpen Glory by mibreit 

 Dragon attack by m-eralp
Space Curtains by torivarn
Crazy of the Indigo Swirl by PatiMakowska 
-Path into a Raven den- by Janek-Sedlar
Glow Of The Gods by PeterJCoskun my personal evolution by jyoujo
-Yellow myth- by Janek-Sedlar
City by liutawras The Bridge, study #2 by Eukendei closing in by Flubberwurm
Autumn River by Stridsberg
Warm Shadow by tvurk Winter Dream by BranislavFabijanic StarDome by Bojkovski
Early morning waves by CharmingPhotography
Ad Libitum II by Oer-Wout _ a little shine of hope _ by EYELIGHTZONE Bechers Viewing Richter 05 by HorstSchmier
Light My Way by Leucareth
Dieng Highland by Hengki24 The South Beach by Hengki24 Winter feather by liutawras

Walk in a dream by KarelSopek icy beach by mescamesh
Ursa Panoramic by A2Matos
Still...for a moment by Oer-Wout ...pastellic winter sunrise... by FelixInden

chain by amelyshato throwing stones to the dark by amelyshato
Where the Boats Go by cazador24
Serenity by amaliabastos Soon Spring by Rontolo
Golden Sea by WTek79
An evening to remember. by incredi Moon looking upon us by Raineater
-Sacred shivers- by Janek-Sedlar
A clearing by Morgan-Lou Lumen by Morgan-Lou
Bring On The Moon by o0oLUXo0o
At the very end of the Day by MaximeCourty Alexandria by MahmoudYakut
...savudrija IX... by roblfc1892
a fool's paradise by Oer-Wout Duo by simonebyrne Sky Reacher by intao
Land of the Valar by MaximeDaviron
Brijuni by F1L1P Hope Would Fail Me in the Falling Snow by DpressedSoul Tai Chi by Hengki24

Peek by Hengki24 Stump by Hengki24 Footsteps of Mouse by kirpichman
Clouds on Central park - New York by Marcusion
Endurance by Dani-Lefrancois Somewhere Faraway by JulienKraakman

Forest Summer by Nelleke Stroove by Konieczny12 Misty Trees by tonyhurst

Canton Lake by PariahLycan 

Peek by jaelise Uma pausa de mil compassos by klapouch
golden sunset by Gwangelinhael
Riverside Drive by Val-Faustino SPQR II by klapouch
invigorating by Philippe-Albanel
Timeless by marinsuslic  Three trees by liutawras
A New Millennium by Thinking-Silence


Previous journey : The JourneyA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Let us travel everywhere in the world with this feature.

Please consider giving it a :+fav: or comment so that more people can see these amazing works! :heart:

P.s.: Sorry, I didn't have time to do it color-themed, it became difficult to organize. But I promise the next one will be!:aww:
Enjoy and don't forget to give some love to the featured artists, they deserve it! :heart:
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